Inhouse Interiors & Renovation

Supply and Lay Tiling

Tiles give you a tough and waterproof surface solution suitable for any room in your home. We provide tiles, screed, cement, grout, and the manpower to put it all together.

$9 per square foot.

Supply and Lay Parquet Flooring

Pamper your feet with the feel of real wood.

We provide the parquet flooring itself, along with laying, waxing and polishing.

$40 per square foot.

Polishing of Existing Parquet Flooring

Make your old parquet look new again.

We strip, sand, wax and polish your parquet floor.

For 300sqft and below, $2.50 per square foot.
For 300sqft and above, $2.20 per square foot.

Painting Services

Your home, your choice of colors.

We provide the paint, equipment and manpower. Includes protection for floors, walls and furniture.

Studio – $750 (1 color).
2-room Apartment $850 (2 colors).
3-room Apartment, $1000 (2 colors).
4-room Apartment, $1200 (3 colors).
5-room Apartment, $1380 (3 colors).
6-room Apartment, $1550 (3 colors).

Landed Property by quotation.

Additional paint color, $100 per color.

Drywall Supply and Installation

Turn one room into two.

We provide the materials, construct, and plaster the wall. Thickness of wall 120mm.

$120 per foot run for wall heights of up to 2.6m.

$150 per foot run for walls 2.6 to 3.0m in height.

Wooden Partition Slats

When you want spaces separated, but not that separated.

We provide plywood, varnish, and installation.

$100 per foot run.

Wooden Feature Wall

Bring a bit of nature into your room. Slatted or solid options available.

We provide materials and installation.

$75 per foot run.

Plastering of Walls or Ceilings

Our skilled workers will get that rough surface smooth, perfect and ready for painting.

We provide plaster, manpower and equipment.

Price by quotation.

Supply and Installation of Skirting

Wooden skirting to conceal and protect the gap between floor and wall.

We provide the skirting and installation.

$20 per foot run.

Hacking and Removal

Out with the old and in with the new.

We will dismantle, remove, and dispose of existing tile, cabinetry or walls.

Price by quotation.


A waterproof membrane that sits beneath the screeding and tiling of wet areas, to prevent leakage/water damage.

We provide materials and manpower for a double coat of waterproofing.

Price by quotation. Estimated $300 to $600 per toilet or kitchen depending on size.

False Ceiling & Lighting Works

Hide piping and wiring, allow for sleek recessed or cove lighting, and spice up your room with decorative designs.

We provide materials and manpower to install, plaster and paint your false ceiling. Inquire for designs available.

Price by quotation.

New Light Point

Run wiring to a place on the wall or ceiling where you wish to place a light. Prerequisite to light installation.

We provide wire, equipment and manpower to create a new light point.

$110 per new light point.

Downlights/Recessed Lights

Lighting flush with the false ceiling creates a modern & clean feel. Multiple downlights create a gentle and even illumination.

We provide the lights, installation, and cutting/patching/painting of false ceiling while doing so.

$75 per new downlight.

Supply and Install Electrical Switch (Trunking)

Put in a new switch for your lights, fans, etc. New case and wiring included.

$120 per new switch.

Relocate Electrical Switch (Trunking)

Move the switch for your lights, fans, etc. to a new place on the wall. New case included.

$100 per switch relocated.

Replacement of Switch Case and Cover Only (Trunking)

Keep the wiring, change to a new cover and casing.

$30 per replacement of a single case and cover.

$40 per replacement of a double case and cover.

Supply and Install New Power Point (Trunking)

Put in a new power socket. New case and wiring included.

$120 per new single headed socket.

$140 per new double headed socket.

Relocation of Power Point (Trunking)

Move your power socket to a new location. New case included.

$100 per new single headed socket.

$120 per new double headed socket.

Replacement of Power Point Case and Cover Only (Trunking)

Keep the wiring, change to a new case and cover.

$30 per new single head case & cover.

$40 per new double head case & cover.


Top & Bottom Cabinet $105 per foot run.

Basic top and bottom cabinets for your kitchen. Comes with ABS Doors and Soft Close Hinges with white internal PVC Laminate.

Tallboy Cabinet with Swing Door $270 per foot run.

To put your oven, microwave or pantry items. This full height cabinet is useful to maximise storage.


Wardrobe with Swing Door $225 per foot run.

Wardrobe with Sliding Door $240 per foot run.

Fully customisable internal configuration according to your needs.

Bed Platform

Single Bed Platform $450/Unit

Queen Bed Platform $650/Unit

King Bed Platform $750/Unit

Make a platform bed to enhance the look of your room. Storage options are available.


Vanity Sink Cabinet $135 per foot run

Vanity Mirror Cabinet $160 per foot run

Build a sink cabinet to store your toiletries away neatly. Mirror cabinets are useful for storing medicine or commonly used items.

Living Room & Study

TV Console with Drawers $185 per foot run.

Feature Wall $21 per square foot.

Shoe Cabinet $140 per foot run.

Explore your storage options with Inhouse Carpentry.

Choice of your Laminate with our Partner Lamitak.

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